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ECCW Halloween Hell Preview - October 28, 2011

Hey Now! Turnbuckle Time @ Halloween Hell 2010!
It's that time of year again. I can vividly remember back to last years blockbuster known as ECCW Halloween Hell. The costumes. The weapons. The Jello. The fire extinguisher let off by a certain figurehead wrestler that damn near killed the audience.... I digress.

What I'm trying to say is ECCW builds to one event all year. The grand daddy of em all. Where all wrestlers no matter of shape, size, height, weight, gender (or sexual orientation if youre Gorgeous Michelle Starr) go balls deep and give the fans all they got.

The matches on the card have been built for months and all the questions will be answered at one event, in one felt swoop. I will break down each match in detail right down to when the storyline began to take shape, probable outcomes & consequences.

The Hardcore Invitational for the vacant ECCW Hardcore Championship.

Moondog Manson vs. Cremator Von Slasher vs. JR Daniels vs. "Dastardly" Danni Deeds vs. Jeremy Blanchard vs. Jamie Diaz vs. Azul Angel vs. Ray Brooks vs. Jordie Taylor

There was always going to be a hardcore match at HH regardless of the stakes or if Moondog Manson was involved or not. It's just the nature of the event. However, there was a threat that the man who has become the poster boy for hardcore wrestling may not even be included.

 It was a shocking announcement back in the summer when Moondog Manson was inexplicablly stripped of the ECCW Hardcore Championship by supposed ECCW Owner/Resident jack-ass Michael Sweetster. Sweetster claimed fans no longer carried for the violence and retired the title on the spot. Moondog Manson stormed out of the Bridgeview Hall, putting the entire division (narrow as it may be) in jeopardy.

Flash forward two events to the very spot where the injustice occured, the Bridgeview Hall. It was Greatness on Demand. It was about mid-card with some promos being cut when Moondog's music hit, to the surprise of the same crowd that had watched him walk out not too long ago. Moondog managed to round up some angry hardcore wrestling fans and drag them to the show to picket in the name of ... well... violence. This was one line no scabs would cross. This continued for a number of shows. Manson would sabotage and interupt segments and matches at will to get his point across. Finally, after months and weeks of Hardcore picketing, Commissioner Coltrane re-instated the Hardcore title that will be contested at HH in the 2nd ever Hardcore Invitational.

Before I go in to my prediction, I just want to talk about how the storyline all panned out. When Moondog first came out and picketed for the first time, I was super stoked to see where the angle was going. However, the more I got to see picketing session after picketing session, I had the feeling maybe the story was losing a bit of steam. They seemed to be running out of ideas to keep Moondog relevant in that angle. I know it probably would have been expected but I wanted to see Moondog issue an ultimatum to Sweetster to fight someone (most likely from The Administration) one on one for the right to bring back Hardcore wrestling. Maybe a match where no weapons could be used to see if Manson could truly wrestle without weapons (of course he wouldnt be able to stray from his hardcore ways for long... thats why the fans love him) or something of that nature. Heck, if Moondog were victorious.. he could bring back hardcore immediatly and issue an impromptu hardcore invitational on the spot! However, Im sure there will be answers during and after the match as to what is REALLY going on with the hardcore division in ECCW! As it stands its a 9-man hardcore match for the vacant belt. Prediction time!

Prediction: Moondog Manson wins the ECCW Hardcore Title

I see this match going one of two ways. A) Moondog comes in and cleans house and re-establishes himself as ECCW's hardcore bad boy B) Jeremy Blanchard plays the wild card and spoils Moondog's homecoming. If any have seen the match promo video on, I suggest you check it out. It turns out Sweetster has inserted his own weapon of mass destruction from out of territory to eff up Manson. Personally, if I could pick one... Just to see what would happen... Id like to see The Administration's hired gun swoop the belt up and see just what Moondog has to do to get it back. I know HH tends to be a blow-off show and that would kinda go against that... but I think that would be the most interesting outcome. Something tells me they'll go with the safe outcome and put the belt right back on Manson though.

An interesting sidenote in this one: Danni Deeds was recently betrayed by "Creamy & Co", who are all involved in this match. Deeds may be getting more than JELLO over his head this year (Fuck, that was sweet)

Also, what's the over/under on how many/few pieces of clothing Ray Brook's "valet" will be wearing to ringside for the contest? I got odds on a variety of scenarios. Get a hold of me if ya wanna chuck some skrilla down. No word of a lie... follow her on twitter. You'll thank me.

ECCW Tag Team Championship Match - (C) The Bollywood Lions vs Greatness on Demand

Well, this should be easy. This match has had little no build... in the ring anyways. All the build had been done on the internet through with the teams calling eachother out back and forth over the last few weeks. To be honest, I hope this wasn't ECCW's original idea for The Lions at this show. They have handely taken on the whole tag division and done so with style and grace. The Bollywood Lions are easily two of my favourite guys to watch in the ECCW and I feel they have kinda been mismatched here. Take absolutely nothing away Greatness on Demand. They proved back at Greatness on Demand (The event was named after them) that they can still hang with the youngins and bring the crowds. I just don't know if it is truly the match The Lions need right now. These guys are the hot hand and at your biggest event of the year... I think you have to throw them a bone. Im expecting the match to be a "passing of the torch" type match where old meets new and values collide but the match doesn't reek of intensity and I think every match at HH should have that feel to it. I know I'll sound like a broken record to any who listen to my bullshit on Turnbuckle Time... but Ive been calling for a Kenny Lush/Billy Suede v Bollywood Lions tilt for a loooong time now. The intensity in the one 7 minute match they had back in April was through the roof and I think the HH atmosphere would be perfect for that meeting. Anyways.. I can still dream. Prediction time.

Prediction: Greatness on Demand by DQ; Bollywood Lions retain titles

I see this going as all G.O.D matches Ive seen go. G.O.D will play sexual headgames with their opponents, rubbing them and touching them to get them out of their comfort zone. The match will have sexual spots sprinkled through as G.O.D. attempt to throw the Lions off their game. Im predicting the Lions will eventually be like "Fuck this" and intentionally get disqualified or walk out. I can just imagine Harv cutting the promo now, explaining as to why he bailed against a buncha nancy boys. Like I said, probably not the match the Lions need at a blockbuster event. It's hard to look anything but foolish when youre getting fondled and humiliated... but thems the breaks.

On the flipside, one big gold star for G.O.D. They can draw crowds. At Greatness on Demand back in August, they packed an ECCW Hall with more ASW Shirts than ECCW shirts. Their fans are loyal and Im sure G.O.D will be able to rake in the spectators as usual, which is always a bonus. So don't slag these guys just yet as Im sure they will have quite the following at Bridgeview come match time.

NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Championship - (C) Alex Plexis vs Nick Price

This one is another one that hasn't had a whole lot of build to it.. but I don't think it will suffer from it just due to the characters involved. I was as surprised as hell when Alex Plexis managed to win a 4-way frenzy at Van City Showdown to become the new champion and userp Artemis Spencer, who had established quite the run for himself. This result threw a real loop in to the HH plans as far as Nick Price & the Jr belt was concerned. It looked as if it was destined to be Artemis Spencer vs Nick Price at HH, as the two had been at eachother for quite a while especially with Price joining The Administration. Arty & Price shared a few matches but none with a definite clean finish and I think all watching would have liked to see this match at HH. I have a feeling ECCW brass may have some plans for Arty. As soon as he dropped the strap to Plexis, he found himself right in the main event slot at HH. Regardless, that has no bearing on the contest ahead of us now. As I mentioned, this match hasn't had a whole lot of build with both men having no contact with eachother since the Frenzy match where Plexis became champion. However, if you watch the match promo video at it's plain to see that the match hardly needs it. Both characters are so vastly different that no selling is really needed. Alex Plexis is athletic, wholesome, well mannered and loved by all. Nick Price, while still being athletic, is cocky, brash, outspoken, rude & generally just a chachi S.O.B. Alex Plexis looks for the girls who do well in school and have a good family life. Nick Price brings home the bleach blondes who mix their 151 with blue kool aid...... Nuff said! Prediction Time!

Prediction: Plexis pins Price and retains the NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight title

Even though every square inch of me wants to see Price hoist the belt, I just don't see it happening. I think theyre going to stick with Plexis as the JR champ for a while... however I do see this angle continuing. I think these two are evenly matched athletically and it should be a fantastic wrestling match, if not program. This contest will bring lots of energy as the pre-pubescent babes seem to love Plexis, while everyone hates Price. I would probably wager that after the Costume Battle Royal, this would probably open the show up. I don't see The Administration getting involved as Scotty & Sweetster both have their own tasks to focus on. Price has had a few cracks at the JR belt and I think he has the goldlust (no not Goldust..Gold-Lust) going on now and this will be the begining of his journey for that belt.

ECCW Women's Championship: (C) Nicole Matthews vs KC Spinelli

This one came to after KC Spinelli defeated Taya Valkyrie in a #1 contenders match back at Van City Showdown. The build for this one has been pretty minimal as both women are quite busy, wrestling wise outside of ECCW. The only real building we have on this one was at Seek & Destroy on Oct 22 when KC jumped Nicole after her match. Much like the Plexis/Price match... this match needs little build. These two half met enough times in a pretty narrow Women's division that the story is pretty much laid out every match. This one has the potential to be truly memorable though. Nicole Matthews won the Supergirls title almost one year ago - October 29, 2010. If she were victorious, she would undoubtedly hold the belt the full year. Something tells me it won't be as cut and dry as one might think. Alot has changed for KC over the last year as she has found new success and glory in the wrestling industry that has no doubt put Matthews title reign in jeopardy. Let's not get it twisted though, KC is definitely the underdog here.

Prediction: KC Spinelli pins Nicole Matthews for the ECCW Women's Title.

I don't know how she's gonna do it... but she's gonna do it. Nicole Matthews has over stayed her welcome with the Women's belt and I think it's time for a new champion... if only for the reason of something new. To be quite honest, it hasn't been the most interesting year for Nicole inside ECCW's ropes. Since her earth shattering victory over Tenille Tayla at last year's show.. its been kind of mundane for Matthews with the exception of a few events. She had a fantastic match again with Tenille Tayla at Divas Last Dance, putting her out to pasture in her last ECCW match. She cut an absolutely vicious shoot promo at Who's The Man in Vancouver, shredding women wrestlers of all walks to ribbons. But besides those two spots, most of the 2011 calendar year was spent in an awful angle with Ray Brooks, that started no where and ended no where. I think, even if Nicole loses, she HAS to put on a good match here. Some of peoples best matches are when they are putting other people over...I think Nicole has to do that here. I dont think Matthews has anything to prove inside the ring as her resume speaks for itself all across North America & the world. You don't participate in SHIMMER & make tours to Japan if you're a crummy wrestler...but I have high expectations for this match.

And to be honest KC deserves nothing less. She has very much put herself out there in the industry as well, participating in the World Of Hurt & lapping up all media that comes her way. She works  promotions all across North America. Her wrestling has steadily improved since I first saw and I think shes ready for the step. If you would have asked me about the same match a year ago, I'd have a different answer as I felt Spinelli had a world of change to go through in more way than just one. Today, however I think it would be a good move to put the belt on her and start a new era in the Women's division... which sorely needs refreshing. This is KC's chance to dazzle.. or she may forever find herself reprising her role as Snookie in the costume battle Royal. We'll have to wait and see.

 Dog Collar Chain Match - Sid Sylum vs Bishop

This match has the most potential to get truly ugly. It has been building since June when Sid made his unexpected return, only to get turfed by his former mates in The Natural Selection. After months of interfering in Sylum's matches and making life a pain in the ass for him, The Natural Selection drew the battle lines for real. At Greatness on Demand, Bishop powerbombed Sylum's defenseless sister through a table, shattering it to splinters and sending Sylum's sister to the hospital in the process. The big question was how would Sid react after watching such a heinous act go down infront of his very eyes. He hurt The Natural Selection where Im guessing he thought it would hurt most, in the win column. He proceeded to cost members of The Selection matches for the next 5 shows. If there was a member of The Selection wrestling, Sid interfered. He eventually issued a challenge to run a gauntlet of Stallyn Smith, Azeem the Dream & Pete Powers with a chance to fight Bishop on the line. He emerged victorious and challenged Bishop to a dog collar chain match. Sid had one previous dog collar chain match with Kenny Lush in 2009. It was brutal to say the least.

As Im sure those who follow Turnbuckle Time know, I have a vested interest in this angle. I was critical of the way the angle was going when week after week, boring beat downs of Sylum lead no where. Sylum was being bailed out by wrestlers at every turn and as a guy returning, looked plain ole weak. Eventually the amplitude was cranked up to 11 when Sid's sister went through the table but after that I found it went back to the old ways. Sid just interfering in matches and The Selection looking like they were kinda pissed. I found it very predictable and repetitive. Ask yourself a simple question: If a grown man beat up your sister and put her in a hospital... what would you do? Probably more than just interfere in a few matches. After that spot, I was expecting Snapshow Sid kicking ass and taking names... all I got was Sid the kid playing pranks. Im not saying he had to abduct a Selection member or anything unbelieveable... but atleast an eye for an eye. Sid's sister is walking around all fucked up... and all the Natural Selection has had to deal with is a few losses. Make me believe these guys really wanna kill eachother! Prediction Time.

Prediction: Bishop pins Sid Sylum

If what I think is gonna happen does happen were in for a Bishop victory. I have a feeling the finish will be tainted with Selection run-ins and unless Sid can find a way to truly get nasty and angry... Bishop will win. Sid hasn't hit that 4th gear yet in this fued and if he doesn't do it by atleast midway through this one... bank on The Selection going home victorious. Sid needs to snap...if he does... there will be blood and he will win. Above all else.. Sid NEEDS the win. He hasn't had a convincing win besides the gauntlet match since his return. No better time than now to correct that.

One prediction that is not speculation and is 100% pure fact, is that these two guys will leave it all in the ring. If there is one thing I have said about Bishop... it is that he is the ultimate big match player! Look no further than last years HH main event or the TLC IV main event to see what I'm taking about. This man will take his bumps and keep ticking. Sylum is no slouch either. Also involved in last year's gruesome main event, Sid was peeled out of the cage and missed 8 months due to injury. Rest assured.. you'll get your moneys worth on this one. Please watch the match promo video for this one at ECCW.Com as I feel Tom Pavlovic, ECCW's videoman has capture the intensity and emotion in this one perfectly!

Cage Match - Scotty Mac vs J-Sin Sullivan

This match has had perhaps the longest building out of any of the card. This could technically date back as far as Van City Showdown in Fall of 2010 when the initial seed was sewn to grow The Administration. We won't go that far back. J-Sin Sullivan has pretty much picked up where El Phantasmo left off at Chamber of Extreme. He has been battling back and forth with Scotty Mac and Michael Sweetster since early 2011. When El Phantasmo left in May, he went against The Administration, picking up followers along the way willing to help his cause. It was actually Scotty Mac who proposed a cage match, perhaps out of frustration. At Vindicated, after losing to Tony Baroni due to interference from Sullivan, Scotty proposed an Escape Only rules cage match. Sullivan obviously didn't turn down the opportunity and accepted the match. While nothing has been put on the line as far as match repercussions, I believe it may spell the end for The Administration if Scotty Mac were to fail here. That being said... how is J-Sin Sullivan going to climb a cage?... or go through a door for that matter? Hmmmm. Prediction time.

Prediction: Scotty Mac defeats J-Sin Sullivan

I don't think The Administration is done just yet. I see a definitive end around the corner though. Scotty Mac falls in to the category of a big match player. His HH record is near flawless. I also believe it will be very hard for J-Sin Sullivan to exit the cage considering his stature. I kind of want to see an end to this once and for all. The Administration angle, I mean. I'm still not sure who is in control. IBC or Sweetster? Perhaps a Shirley Temple drinking contest at Boston Pizza afterwards to decide because something tells me we'll never see it in the ring. I was hoping a post match repercussion would be served up.. but unfortunately... it's semi-meaningless. Just based on past performances against Sullivan and his record at big shows... I got Scotty in this one. Maybe after he's done with J-Sin... Kevin Sullivan will come out and he can whomp his ass too!

6-pack elimination cage match for the NWA Canadian Heavyweigh Championship

(C) Tony Baroni vs Artemis Spencer vs Pete Powers vs The Honky Tonk Kid vs Ravenous Randy vs El Phantasmo

I can honestly say I've never seen a more confusing build to a main event. Ive had to pay pretty good attention weekly to see what random person has been added to this match. As you can tell, my cage is officially rattled. Im going to break down every participants path to this match one by one (I thought I was closed to being done...)

Tony Baroni: Our beloved Champion. He has held the belt since February 2011 and has defended against all comers. His path to this match is a very simple. He is the champ. Without him there is no main event. He has defended against a whack of random guys at past events and it just so turns out that 5 of them will now take him on all at once.

Artemis Spencer: I thought Arty would most definitely be defending the Jr strap at HH this year but a change in plans at Van City Showdown saw him out of the Jr title scene and into the Heavyweight belt scene. I have no beefs with Arty being there as I feel he is one of the most talented, if not the most talented on the roster. However, I don't recall a real explanation for him just getting this boost to main event status. He was just there. Either way, a welcome addition to this match.

Pete Powers: Pete Powers was in the "Fan's choice" match last year to open up the show. Shit changes in a year. Falling short in a multi-month long feud with Tony Baroni earlier in the Summer, Powers has been on a war path since. He demanded to be inserted in to the HH main event at Better Than You in Vancouver after interfering in no less than two matches. He was eventually granted his request and now has perhaps his final crack at taking home the NWA Canadian title.

The Honky Tonk Kid: Who?! Exactly. Many a mark will forever know him as The Divine Prophet. Leader of all that is holy. Teacher of all that is sacred. Or something like that. Anyways, after years of mass following it seems the divine one has gone off the deep end. The Church officially split earlier this year and ever since The Prophet hasn't seemed himself. I always wondered if the faith would hold up... at Van City Showdown we found out. During MR2's "On The Runway" interview segment, The Prophet came out and revealed he was the son of the greatest Intercontinental champion of all time, The Honky Tonk Man. Needless to say, most were confused. However, the Honky Tonk Kid managed to do what The Prophet never could.. and that's insert himself in to the main event scene. Later that night after his bizarre transformation, he el-kabonged Tony Baroni with an acoustic guitar after his bout with Bishop. That caught Tony's attention and BAM...Proph.. I mean, Honky is a headliner. He proceeded to seal his spot in the HH main event by winning a guitar on a pole match against Baroni on October 22nd at "Seek & Destroy" in Vancouver.

Ravenous Randy: The Ravenous one had his fair share of matches for the Heavyweight crown. Wait... Yes, they were a fair share of matches... but by no means were the matches fair themselves. After getting screwed every which way (except the pleasureable way) Ravenous was finally granted a shot at HH. Randy was on the verge of defeating Baroni one on one for the title at Better Than You when his efforts were effectively crushed by a rampaging Powers who coincedentally also wanted a spot at HH. Baroni, being the sporting chap that he is invitedRandy to join the bash and that's was that.

El Phantasmo: The real last minute addition. Having been absent since his brutal Chamber of Extreme match with Scotty Mac back in April, it was a surprise to all when El Phantasmo appeared at "Seek & Destroy" and announced himself as a participant in the main event. Another welcome entry with plenty of cage experience. El Phantasmo blew the minds of hundreds last year with his performance in the 8 man tornado tag elimination cage match. He will have his own tough act to follow this year as he no doubt joins the fray to cause a spark and ignite the crowd.

Prediction: Artemis Spencer wins NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title

I said it. I've just been rolling arounds the options in my head and this one makes the most sense to me. Hold my hand if you will as I walk you through this. Let's go through the participants and why they WON'T win.

El Phantasmo probably won't win because let's face it... of all people in this.. he is the least involved as far as the build. If he didn't get the strap back in his feud with Scotty Mac... he won't get it here. He is a late minute addition that will no doubt add tons of entertainment to the match, but won't be victorious.

Ravenous Randy would make a kick ass champion and is a fantastic guy to watch on his worst night. But like many wrestlers, The Ravenous One is nomadic. He tends to move around alot and isn't usually at more than 3 ECCW shows in a row before not making a show. A champion needs to be able to fight ever night. For this fact alone, I don't think Ravenous wins.

The Honky Tonk Kid is the real surprise in this match. Of all the wrestlers involved, he probably has the least main event experience... by far. While he is over with the crowd, before and after his character change... I don't think anyone is betting on Honky. As long as I get a sweet el-kabong guitar shot from him... I'm happy.

Pete Powers won't win because... well the train has left the station for ole Petey on that one. He came as close as he was gonna get in the mid-year with multiple tilts against Baroni. Not only that.. but he is the only out and out heel in this match. The rest are pure babyface with the exception of perhaps Honky Tonk Kid. The two previous champions to Baroni were Scotty Mac & Sid Sylum who both had 2 things in common during their reigns: 1) They were long ass reigns 2) They were both mega heels. Somethings tells me ECCW wants to carry on with a babyface champ. And something tells me Baroni's lengthy reign may be coming to an end.

I feel Arty will win though just due to his hectic withdrawl from the Jr scene combined with his immediate insertion to the main event scene. Not only this but the Smark in me cant help but feel Baroni WANTS to put over Arty after reading a recent interview on SLAM Sports webpage where Baroni praised Arty to high heavens.(Hey, he was a member of The Church)

Either way... look for this one to bring you out of your seat more than any of the other matches. Expect creative spots involving the cage and expect a high flying duel between former partners & rivals, El Phantasmo and Artemis Spencer!

Now, if you will excuse me. I have to prepare my costume and weapon for tonight's show. While I will be attempting to capture some quotes from wrestlers and fans alike.. I will also be there just to enjoy the show and put all the predictions in my backpocket for a few hours. As I've mentioned above.. there are many match promo videos that can put my words in to visuals and truly illustrate just what this show is going to be all about. I've provided a link below with all the videos in a Countdown playlist. Videos are done by Tom Pavlovic who is a bloody genius if you ask me.. you can watch more of his stuff on or the videos section at


This article is my opinion and my opinion only.

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