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ECCW Halloween Hell Recap - October 29, 2011

It's 1 a.m. on Sunday, October 30, 2011. I just got back from the local watering hole where I put back a few cold fizzy ones. I found myself recanting a STELLAR night of wrestling courtesy of ECCW and their blockbuster event, Halloween Hell. I figured I'd better get home and write this while the info is still fresh.

If you didn't see the event and would like some reference before you read... you can go check out my preview and catch up because this one will have many discussion points that tie back in to my preview.

I will never be able accurately paint the Halloween Hell portraint in mere text so I suggest when it does become available, that you check out pictures and videos of this event as it was nothing short of spectacular.

Well let's get in to the recap.. and more importantly... let's see how many predictions held up. Recap time!

ECCW Halloween Hell - October 28, 2011 7:45 - Bridgeview Hall

As I walked in (fashionably late as usual) the Costume Battle Royal was already underway.

Along with the "Fans Bring The Weapons" Match this is one of the staples of HH and usually opens up the card. Wrestlers come out dressed as some of pop & wrestling cultures most recognizable figures. One of my favourites was Hellian Reaper's Duffman costume (Oh Yeah!) but the cake taker was undoubtedly the costume of referee Bill Taylor. The kicker is... I don't even know what the hell the costume was! A lady emerged from the curtain sporting what looked to be a dress from the 16th-18th century. At first glance I thought,"Damn, that bitch is alright" but upon closer inspection, I was wrong... dead wrong. Bill Taylor saunters in to the ring in this maroon frilly dress and all the participants in the ring stop dead in the tracks to catch a gander at this damsel in distress. It was one of those moments only the costume battle royal could provide. It goes without saying they turfed Mr Taylor and sent him packing as soon as both his feet were in the ring. Just when it seemed the most bizarre costume had come and gone... a pipebomb was dropped on the Bridgeview Hall.

CM Punk! Yes, CM PUNK! The straight edge superstar! The second city savior! THE BEST IN THE WORLD! "Cult of Personality" surged through the speakers as CM Punk charged through the curtains. Only this wasn't the CM Punk we're all used to. This CM Punk had gained probably about 100 lbs eating WWE ice cream bars and looked hauntingly like Michael Sweetster (minus the sparkly circus ringleader coat). In true CM Punk Royal Rumble fashion, he had his minion (Jeremy Blanchard, in this case) chuck everyone over the top until he was the sole survivor and winner. No witty punchline needed.

So between Duffman, CM Punk & Lady Bill Taylor's appearances.. needless to say... the card had started on a very light hearted note. I wasn't fooled. I knew exactly what was in store for the rest of the night! Blood, guts & Mayhem. Maybe some wrestling too!

Nick Price vs Alex Plexis for the NWA Junior Canadian Heavyweight Championship

This was one of two matches on the night where my prediction skills weren't really up to scratch. I had a Plexis victory with no interference from The Administration. Boy, was I wrong. Nick Price emerged victorious in this one with plenty of help from Scotty Mac. Scotty has been teaching Nick about the birds & the bees for the past few months and has grown in to a mentor of sorts. The match itself was done very well and the crowd was one sided as expected, with young girls drooling on Plexis and anything with a hole & a pulse booing Price.

The match ended with Scotty Mac slipping in and hitting a superkick on Plexis and Price applying the pin. One visual that really painted the picture as to how differerent both characters really are, was Price's celebration following his victory. In stark constrat to Plexis who proudly wears the belt around his wait... Price proceeded to hang the belt out of the front of his trunks like a male performer wagging his dong around in one of them Porno movies.

Regardless of how it was done, his celebration or any other factor... Nick Price deserves this belt. I always go back to February of this year, when he was laid up with a real injury and I got the chance to chat with him at TLC IV and he was pretty choked he wasn't wrestling. He seemed bummed out. He's at every show when he's healthy. I watched him wrestling infront of 4 people including me on opening day of ICW this summer... that's dedication. He draws good heat. He interacts with the crowd. I don't have one problem with this move and hope he continues feuding with Plexis as I feel he's an important piece of the Junior Heavyweight puzzle as well. Price is falling nicely in to his role with The Administration as a "Scotty Mac JR" and I'm interested to see where it goes. Plexis should get a rematch. If not, it will be interesting to see where he lands after all of this. I didn't have any qualms with the match itself. It was a great match to open with as the title change forced fans to expect the unexpected. Let's move on, shall we?

KC Spinelli vs Nicole Matthews for the ECCW Women's Championship

A passing of the torch so to speak even though I'm sure the war will rage on. KC Spinelli finally stepped up to the big times last night. In a clean one on one match, in the middle of the ring, KC Spinelli defeated Nicole Matthews to win her first ECCW Women's championship. The encounter lived up to expectation... which I had intentionally set very high. I received a tweet from Ms. Matthews the night before, guarenteeing me I would not be dissapointed. She kept her word... with a little help from her dance partner Spinelli.

The crowd was very much sided with babyface Spinelli, as she constantly riled them up during the contest (which kind of grew annoying after a while) Matthews worked the ring in her usual manner, bullying Spinelli and barking at the fans whenever the opportunity presented itself. If memory serves me correctly, the finish came after Spinelli reversed Matthews' Role of the Dice into a sitdown powerbomb for the pinfall. Spinelli gets her moment in the spotlight with the title as the fans heap on their support. No better way to do it than at the biggest show of the year, clean as a whistle. I managed to catch up with Nicole Matthews after the match and get a few minutes of audio from her. Click the link below for the interview. She talks about her match with Spinelli as well as a wide variety of other topics pertaining to her in ECCW & Other promotions.

Nicole Matthews Shoot Interview

Besides all the good solid wrestling, this match had a good 'spot" I think is worth mentioning. Many members of the crowd come dressed up as it is a Halloween themed event. Some dress as wrestlers, but not all. Anyways, about midway through the match Matthews slapped the Liontamer on Spinelli. A figure jumps up in the crowd waving his arms and making a big fuss about the hold. As I got a better look... this guy was a dead ringer for Y2J Chris Jericho. From the blonde ponytail, to the metallic shirt... this guy truly looked like Jericho and was in character throwing a hissy fit, taking offense to Matthews stealing "his" move. The marks in the hall erupted in laughter until Matthews finally broke the hold. Once again that is one of those moments only Halloween Hell can provide.

While the women's division isn't going to change drastically, I think it will be a shake up to have Spinelli as the queen of the jungle for a while. It will only help her development and open more doors for her. It's nice to see her reach her light at the end of the tunnel... well, the ECCW tunnel anyways. I'm all for it and was completely satisfied with the result and the match itself. Moving on!

Greatness on Demand vs The Bollywood Lions for the ECCW Tag Team Championship

This match was the most pleasant of surprises. G.O.D proved me wrong here... big time! I don't know if they read my preview or something, but they took everything I said and flipped it on me! I anticipated a lack of intensity in this match. So so wrong.

The Bollywood Lions made their entrance first. I have to admit that of all the ECCW's superstars... besides maybe El Phantasmo... these guys have the finest entrance. The lights... the dancing! How can you not get behind these guys? And surprisingly enough, the crowd had quite a few Bollywood marks in it. Bollywood Lion shirts were on more backs than any other wreslter shirt through out the hall. (I managed to snag the last medium from concession!) No matter how many Bollywood fans were in attendance, we all knew they wouldn't be able to match up to Gorgeous Michelle Starr & Disco Fury's fan power. The crowd was bumping for a solid two minutes as G.O.D made their trademark entrance. Bright lights, glitz and glam. G.O.D had arrived in style but were in no mood to mess around. In the blink of an eye, Michelle Starr turned from galloping nancy boy to brutal enforcer as G.O.D proceeded to kick the living crap out of the champions on the floor. I was almost positive the violent thuds on the hard gym floor were being created by two veteran wrestlers being chucked around by some spry young bucks. Wrong again, Corey.

Starr & Disco gave me my intensity... and they gave it to me right off the hop. After that, my interest in the match sky rocketed. Prior to the contest, I predicted the usual G.O.D fingerbang session where their opponents helplessly try to escape the ring as they are fondled and prodded by the ASW vets. This was hardly the case. Both teams pulled out every dirty trick in order to get the gold and in the end it was the upstarts defeating the territorial legends. With Michelle Starr accidentally distracting the referee, Gurv pulled the legs out from under Disco Fury who had Harv up in a vertical suplex position. Harv came crashing down on Disco, while Gurv kept a strong hold on Disco's boot, not allowing him to kick out. The Lions had no time to stick around for celebratory chicken tikka as they fled to the back to avoid the wrath of a furious G.O.D team. After slugging referee Robert Mitchell for being the best official in ECCW, Starr demands a rematch and suggests a 2/3 falls format. But on whose turf? We'll have to wait and see but this could be a great interpromotional rivalry if handled correctly. Like I said earlier, this match was the biggest surprise of the night for me. Really a well done match that exceeded my expectations and then some. To this point in the show... easily the loudest the crowd had been all night. Touche, G.O.D. Touche.

Sid Sylum vs Bishop in a Dog Collar Chain match

If there was one prediction I was right on the money for... it was probably this one. Perhaps more than any other storyline going in to this event... this one had serious emotional tension built and it was about to be released in a bloody, gruesome war. I need not go back and re-hash why it is like that... but the match warranted a true "story" in the ring, more than any of the others on the card.

Bishop entered first to a rabid crowd who wasted no time voicing their discontent with him & his evil, monstrous ways. Sylum entered next. No real emotion. He did slap a few hands but he never locked eyes with the fans... always had his eyes to the ring. The match started off furiously. It wasn't even 5 minutes in and Sid had been busted open by the ring post. The chain wasn't used as much as a weapon as I thought it might be. It was used probably less than a dozen times and only for choking or dragging purposes. I thought they could have perhaps been a bit more creative with the chain.

The match was ripe with interference, as predicted. The Natural had his nose in there on several occassions but it was the surprise run in by Sylum's sister that almost turned the contest for a shock result. She distracted Bishop in time for Sylum to put him through a table but he couldn't keep Bishop's shoulders to the mat for a 3 count. Just as it seemed Sylum might pull it out, The Natural interferes once more this time providing Bishop a chair. Bishop climbs to the top rope and delivers a digusting chair shot to the skull of Sylum and pins him for the win. I can honestly say in all the live wrestling I've attended... I've never seen such a gross chair shot. Sylum got no hands up and Bishop came down full force right on top of his head, creating a sickly crunch sound. I did hear rumblings that Sylum may have lost consciousness for a bit after the match.

Where does Sid go from here? He has been comprehensively defeated in this saga in every which way and I don't know what is in his future as far as ECCW storylines is concerned. Did the right person win? I don't know. It was one hell of a gruesome battle. Let's face it... this one just felt plain ole ugly on the inside... if that makes any sense. The Natural Selection will continue doing what they're doing, that's a given. If they were out to build Bishop as a complete monster... they've succeeded. Sylum has been beaten down and shattered by his former cronies and it will be interesting to see where this leads him. He needed this win... and he didn't get it. Will he ever get that "edge" back to his character? Only time can heal wounds and this is a gaping one for Sid Sylum.

Bishop cut a post-match promo outside the Bridgeview Hall on the match & his fued with Sid Sylum. Listen below!

Bishop Promo

Moondog Manson vs. Cremator Von Slasher vs. JR Daniels vs. "Dastardly" Danni Deeds vs. Jeremy Blanchard vs. Jamie Diaz vs. Ray Brooks vs. Jordie Taylor vs BJ Laredo for the ECCW Hardcore Championship (Fans Bring the Weapons)

This is going to be a very hard match to recap as it was quite the scramble to witness. Last year I brought Jello with thumbtacks bobbing in it as my weapon but this year I didn't really have time to plan out a weapon. In a mad rush, I grabbed my can of instant foam lime scented Gillette shaving cream. I have a simple formula. It goes like this: Messy = Funny. Shaving cream aside, the hall was packed with weapons that were much more dangerous than messy.

Ill get the result out of the way so I can just rattle off a bunch of hilarious spots. Moondog Manson outlasted everyone to regain his Hardcore Championship. I caught up with Moondog Manson after the match. Probably one of the most bizarre promos Ive ever been a part of. It was conducted almost immediatly after my interview with Nicole Matthews which Moondog was close by for. He gives his thoughts on Matthews first then goes on about hardcore wrestling in ECCW. Have a listen at the link below.

Moondog Manson Promo

Now back to the action in the match

If the tape is ever released, the guy to watch in this match is Jamie Diaz. I don't know if Mama Diaz woke him up too early or if Volt Vegas smudged his Pumas backstage or what... but he was stiffing guys all over the place. Where as most of the guys were holding off when delivering their shots, Diaz was swinging for the fences. Now I get it! He was choked about missing Game 7 of the MLB World Series. Oh, he also bled again. Diaz has a knack for bleeding buckets when he juices it... and boy howdy tonight was no different. I'll leave that there.

The guys on the real shit end of the stick were probably Danni Deeds & Cremator as they seemed to absorb alot of punishment. I really liked that Danni Deeds has embraced his white and nerdy gimmick again. It was time to take a break from the evil nerd gimmick he developed with The Church and subsequent group, "Creamy & Co." BJ Laredo (who Ive never had the pleasure of seeing wrestle) replaced Azul Angel in this one. He got perhaps the worst punishment and was eliminated first.

Ray Brooks isn't the most hardcore guy (you can probably tell by his metallic, plastic windmill wrestling attire) but even he was throwing down. He provided easily the most humorous spot of the night, violating Jeremy Blanchard with a sex toy at ringside. Michelle Starr would be so proud. Brooks' valet even brought out her fancy threads for the evening, rocking the always popular "Devil wearing assless chaps" look.

Jordie Taylor won the "smartest dude in a hardcore match" award (don't worry, there is no such thing) for his random act of common sense. The first thing Jordie does when he enters the fray is strap a bike helmet on to his head. Eh? Smarty pants over here. It didn't help him one bit. On a very random sidenote: Kendo sticks and keyboard make wicked sounds when smashed against human skull. The crowd at the Bridgeview Hall were treated to that sweet sound repeatedly all night. Another weapon that got lots of mileage was the refillable water jug. It made a sweet sound on contact and rebounded off the recipient's head so it wouldn't hurt them too much. Unfortunately, my shaving cream wasn't used. Jerks.

As far as the result, it's the safe route and make the most sense. Moondog is your hardcore guy. Keep em happy. Hardcore is back to stay in ECCW and I don't think it's going anywhere for a long time.

Scotty Mac vs J-Sin Sullivan in an Escape only Cage match

Scotty Mac does so many little things right. I just wanted to start with that and let it really sink in. Next time you watch the man wrestle... really sit back and watch what he is doing. His matches are very nicely put together. This was another one of the matches that exceeded my expectation. I expected a long draw out sluggish affair. I don't know if Scotty has a built in clock in his skull but all his matches seem to time out perfectly. Never too short or too long. Whenever it is time to go home, Scotty has a ticket to ride. Scotty is very much like the Bollywood Lions, in the fact that while he is a heel... there are patches of the crowd here and there that do support him. For instance, super mark Omar could be seen having fits during parts of the match. Young blonde girls in skimpy attire danced on top of the stack of tables, in a go-go like fashion screaming for Scotty. Don't they know he's the bad guy? Well, I know Omar knows... I mean the tarts.

J-Sin controlled the opening 10 minutes of the contest, where he put the daytons to Scotty big time. After 10 minutes, The Administration started making attempts to save their golden boy. V the security man placed all his weight against the door before Nick Price clocked Sullivan with a steel chair, laying the big man out. Scotty failed to escape and ended up getting dragged back in to the cage, along with V who got pulled in with Scotty while trying to help him escape. Just when it seems like Sullivan has The Admin right where he wants them, he fails to realize he's forgotten one man. As he goes to town on the limp bodies of Scotty & V, Price scales the cage from the outside all the way to the very top. He flies from the peak of the cage landing a MASSIVE double knee drop straight on to the face of Sullivan in one of the craziest spots of the night. Scotty escapes out the cage to victory and will fight another day. The girls standing on the tables in the hall couldn't have been happier. Pre-pubescent shrieks of joy filled the venue as their bleach blonde adonis had pulled off a hard fought victory. Let's not get it twisted here though... Price's spot made the match. Until then it was all mat work. Price killed alot of birds with that one stone.

I don't know what this might mean as far as angles are concerned. I was thinking a Scotty loss here would have started the wheels rolling on the break up of The Administration but it hasn't happened. Infact, The Administration actually had a night to remember and may now look to further solidify their power atop the promotion. If J-Sin Sullivan expects to hang with Scotty... he better assemble a posse. Like Sid Sylum, he found out that 3-on-1 aren't good odds. Will be interesting to see where this all heads. Personally, I think this feud still has some legs in it believe it or not. While part of me just wants to this whole Administration thing die, HH extended the expiry date a while and I want to see an end that makes sense more than anything. If it takes this long.. get it done right!

Tony Baroni vs Artemis Spencer vs El Phantasmo vs Pete Powers vs Ravenous Randy vs Honky Tonk Kid in a 6-pack elimination cage match for the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship

Now time for the main event. If you read my preview you could clearly tell I was certain Artemis Spencer was destined to win this match and his first NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship. I thought I backed my choice with some pretty sound reason. Unfortunately, that's not the way wrestling goes. But I was damn sure close! I'll break down the match in thorough detail.

Last year's cage match contained 2 teams of 4 in an elimination tordnado style match. This year it is 6 men, all out for themselves. Wrestlers enter periodically and the ring can contain no more than 4 participants at once. Tony Baroni & Artemis Spencer drew numbers 1 and 2. Tony blew Arty out of the water, pop wise. Surrey happens to be the birthplace of Mr Baroni and the Baroni chants drowned out the minimal reception Arty got. I actually think Arty got jeered. I will admit, the opening 5 minutes or so of the match was some what sloppy. Arty wasn't as crisp as he usually is and even Baroni seemed a lil off track. After some akward looking interactions, they turned it around by the time the next combatant had entered.

The real wildcard to the match, The Honky Tonk Kid entered and gave possibly his best wrestling performance that Ive seen from him. Honky Tonk Kid aka The Divine Prophet is one of those wrestlers that gets over primarily because of strong acting and a good fitting character. In the ring, he's basic at best but has tendencies to be a bit sloppy and not very graceful. Those who listen to Turnbuckle Time will note that I have to close my eyes everytime he scales the turnbuckles to hit the top rope. Well, he made a believer out of me at this show. In a spot that took absolute perfect timing & execution, he dropped Artemis Spencer with a beautifully coordinated Shake, Rattle & Roll neckbreaker from the top ropes. Granted, Arty is a pretty reliable guy to have feeding you but Honky did his part and nailed it for a perfect '10'! Honky Tonk didn't last very long in this one... but for the limited time he was in the ring... he certainly looked the part of a main eventer.

Ravenous Randy was the next man up. I usually almost always commend Randy for incorporating humor in to his wrestling and spots but I felt here.. it was pretty hokey. I like laughing as much as the next guy but not at the expense of a good match. The match was damn intense until Ravenous came in and started Thriller zombie dancing around the ring instead of wrestling. Like I say.. moderation is the key. It made Randy look like he should be headlining the costume battle royal and not the main event. Randy is capable of some damn good wrestling but I felt he drowned out what could have been a great performance by looking for a cheap laugh. It was a blessing when the next wrestler entered.

Last year, Pete Powers was in the opening "fan's choice" match of the Halloween Hell card. This year... I think he saved the main event. Ravenous had effectively turned the match from a bloody war in to a playground scuffle in a matter of minutes but when Powers came in and pretty much beat the shit out of everyone definitely kicked up the intesity of the match! This is how I think ECCW should be using Powers (atleast that's how I enjoy him). As a big bully who just kicks ass... almost a Mark Henry of sorts. Powers came in and made mince meat of the Ravenous one and then went to town on Arty & Baroni. It wasn't until the next man entered that Pete Powers really had to play defense.

Making his long awaited return El Phantasmo got easily the biggest pop of the night when entering the Bridgeview Hall. Wearing a bit of a different look... the old white trim on his trunks replaced by a neon highliter green and his head shaved to match his clean shaven face. He entered and proceeded to stick it to Powers and really looked like he hadn't missed a step from his time away. With the final four combatants in the cage it was down to these gentlemen to really steal the show... and they did just that.

Artemis Spencer defied certain death (I honestly thought he was fucking crazy for doing it.. I kept shaking my head after the spot) by successfully landing a VERY HIGH risk dive off the top of the cage. The only way I could describe it is by calling it "The Trust exercise splash". You know.. when you voluntarily fall backwards.. and the person behind you is supposed to catch you... the ole trust exercise? Well, that's what Arty did off the top of a cage onto 3 grown men. Just limply fell backwards into the waiting arms and bodies of 3 wrestlers. Some how, no one died. I breathed a sigh of relief.... for the time being.

After all wrestlers got their feet.. El P, Arty & Baroni decided to take out the trash and unleashed a brutal beating on Pete Powers. After being corner to corner missile dropkicked by all 3 foes, Powers was subjected to all 3 wrestlers finishers and a dogpile pin which eliminated him from the contest. Powers put on a very valiant performance as the only true heel in the match. I thought what he did with his time in the ring was very productive.

While Arty had his OMG moment earlier, El Phantasmo wasn't about to be outdone in what I had correctly predicted as a high risk duel with his former partner. El Phantasmo had both men at his mercy but needed to go to the top ropes for that rush to the head. Just as he was about to take off and perhaps win his first NWA Canadian title... he heard the urging of the fans to go all the way up. It's El P... of course he'll go for it. Right up there with Arty in the "Do you not like your life?" category, he proceeds to moonsault off the cage and get absolutely nothing but canvas. Baroni & Arty slip out of the way and El P probably gets 2-3 seconds of solid hang time before landing right on his mush. Fuckin brutal. Baroni hits the Baroni buster followed by Arty hitting his Phoenix Splash and El P is elimiated much to the dismay of the Bridgeview Hall. The crowd was legit pissed when El P was pinned. El P had to actually rally them to support Baroni & Arty. It was like shushing a crying baby in hopes it won't cry more. El P was toast and it was down to the same men who had started the whole damn thang only minutes prior.

Arty & Baroni put on a wrestling clinic and after going through hell and back, were clearly on the same page wrestling wise. After numerous false finishes, it was Baroni who got the upperhand landing what I can only remember as a weird variation of a flapjack. I'm probably wrong about that. Baroni retains the title and puts an end to another year of madness at ECCW's Halloween Hell. I had figured it would come down to Baroni & Arty. Either man winning made sense... over the other 4 anyways. I suppose when it was down to them two it really could have gone either way. I hope Arty & Baroni see lots of eachother because when they are rolling, both are fantastic to watch.

I'm going to do my recap in a little bit of a different fashion this time. I'm going to pick a top match/moment(s).  I will pick one match/moment(s) that didn't meet my expectation. I will pick 3 wrestlers I thought were the best on the night. Lastly I will pick 3 top moments. It's a big event. Lots of ground to cover.

I'll get the bad news outta the way first and reveal what I thought could have been better

Flop: Hardcore Invitational (Fans Bring the Weapons)/ Costume Battle Royal

This choice has nothing to do with the match itself or the wrestlers involved. It has nothing to do with the storyline (though I do think it could have been a tad more dynamic) It has to do with the fans & the weapons involved. Nothing creative! This is the one chance as a fan to bring something fricken cool for a wrestler to use. Last year I can remember numerous really creative weapons. This year the best thing was a double headed dildo (which takes little to no effort to create... but lots of nerve to carry around) I was pretty dissapointed by that. I guess when that's the worst part of a wrestling show... I should just shut up and dig it.

The Costume Battle Royal just lacked cool costumes too. Too many people dressed as wrestlers. Im sure people who attend wrestling shows watch other things than wrestling. Two of my favourite costumes this year had nothing to do with wrestling. Last year, Natural & Ray Brooks' Family Guy gag was hilarious but sadly it didn't even come close to being replicated this year. Once again, a lil lack of creativity in what is usually a pretty funny match.

Top: 6-pack tornado elimination cage match

I don't think I need to justify this. If not for El Phantasmo & Artemis Spencer's stunts alone... this match has to be #1. Baroni was solid. Honky Tony Kid & Pete Powers had break out performances. Ravenous was... well, Ravenous. The match had the high spots. It had a logical outcome. It was truly a dandy. It may not have exceeded last year's 8-man cage match but it certainly sent the fans home happy and gave me lots of fodder for banter here. Top shelf to all involved.

Top 3 moments/spots

Honorable Mention

El Phantasmo misses moonsault from top of cage

If he hits it, he makes a cover and wins the title. He missed and landed on his face. An amazing thing to watch... albeit gruesome. Perhaps the only reason he doesn't crack the podium is because I've kind of been desensitized to crazy El P spots. It is almost expected of him. It doesn't make it any less spectacular but it is what it is. It's his schtick of sorts. Only for those reason's alone to I put it in honorable mention.

3. Nick Price lands double knee drop on J-Sin Sullivan from top of cage

When you were filling out your sports action card for this event.. and you went down the "Which wrestler is most likely dive off a cage?" section... I bet you didn't pencil in Nick Price. Theres quite a few guys you would think of before Price. While Price is nimble and whippy.. by no means is he a dare devil. It was the surprise element that saved The Administration in the cage match and put the exclamation point on Nick Price's very successful evening.

2. Artemis Spencer lands "Trust Exercise Splash" on opponents from top of cage

Much like Price, Arty is very used to high flying... but by no means is he a daredevil. It took a serious set of knackers to willingly fall backwards from that high. It isn't like a moonsault where you have eyes all the way down. All he could possibly see on the way down was the cage and crowd infront of him and just pray his fellow wrestlers catch him before he abruptly hits the canvas.  Ballsy to say the least... I expected high flying but I didn't expect Arty to do what he did. Only by explaining my number one spot can I justify not having this at the top.

1. Sid Sylum receives vicious chair shot from Bishop

It was probably the most brutal spot of the night. If I didn't put this number one... it would be undermining the sacrifice both these guys took. The match itself was particularly brutal but this spot was absolutely gross. I actually felt kinda nauseas afterwards. It was the spot that started the ball rolling on the hardcore part of the evening and really got the blood lust in the crowd up (Dont know if that's a good thing or not) It also spoke volumes in terms of the story being told in the ring. Bishop is a monster. Sid didn't have the killer edge that his opponent did and it cost him. While the cage spots were high risk ... theres a good chance you will come out of them OK as you have safety nets in the form of wrestlers. With a chair shot... there's no plan B or silver lining... it's guarenteed harm...forget risk. I thought it was an emphatic and tradgic way to end the match and while I can feel for Sid and his head... the spot made the match.

Top 3 performers on the night

Honorable mention

Greatness on Demand

They still got it. They showed me a gear I thought I might never see out of them. It was a pleasant surprise. They tangoed quite well with the Bollywood Lions. I eagerly anticipate their pending feud.

3. Pete Powers

Without using any weapons or doing anything really all that crazy.. Pete Powers makes my number 3. I just thought he played his role so well during the match. He totally looked like he belonged in the match. Though I didn't mention it in the match recap... he had an insane spot where he landed a double samoan drop, stacking two wrestlers on top of eachother and slamming them to the canvas. Where as midway through the year I was questioning his main event qualities... he has definitely proven himself and much like Bishop last year... had a break out performance.

2. Artemis Spencer

Arty continues to impress me. After a shaky start to his first real headliner.. he settled in nicely pulling off some very innovative and high risk spots off the cage. Baroni & him shared awesome chemisty and seemed to get better together as the match wore on. Though he didn't need to, he put his ass on the line in his crazy spot. I totally think he is worthy of holding the big boy strap and was actually kinda surprised he didn't get his usual warm reception in Surrey. Baroni & Phantasmo marks drowned out the very few Arty fans that were in the crowd and that had to be a little deflating for a guy who puts his bag on the line for the jollies of the fans. A stellar performance from Arty. I hope his main event push continues.

1. Nick Price

Ill say it again. Did you have Nick Price winning a title, flying off a cage and perhaps single handedly saving The Administration? Probably not. If there was one guy who broke down a serious wall and has done stuff Im sure even he thought he would never do.. it's Nick Price. He won his first singles title in the promotion in a great opening match with Plexis. It isn't always easy to open up shows but Price is one of those guys that can do it. If you watch him closely...he is always interacting with fans. It isn't as loud and animated as The Natural when he does it... but Price makes the rounds and really engages the fans. They hate him and respond to him quite actively. His finishing knee drop off the cage was absolutely bonkers, totally unexpected and was the perfect finish to the match. He really does look like a worthy and believable member of The Administration now. Overall, Price brought the goods and surprised me the most of out anyone individually. I guess he's correct.. the Price is always right.

There is the recap... It is just a base for now. I will be adding more links when I get some time in the next day or two.

I had very little bad to say about this event. All things that were bad... were just down to my personal preferences as this blog is all MY opinions. No one elses. ECCW's Halloween Hell continues to hold a very high standard as far as great Indie wrestling is concered. Even if one is not a wrestling fan. Throw on a costume, bring a weapon and fall in love with these characters. It's really not that hard to do.

ECCW's next show is November 5th at The Russian Community Center on 4th ave + Arbutus in Vancouver. For more information visit ECCW's Facebook fan page or

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