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ECCW Presents: Extreme Rumble 2011 - Friday, November 25 @ Bridgeview Hall

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I am back at it again. This was my first local show in the Pacific North-West since ECCW's Halloween Hell. It surely won't be my last in 2011 as ASW has two shows in early December as well as another ECCW show on near Boxing Day. It's good to see there is plenty of Canadian wrestling at our fingertrips for the holidays.

Extreme Rumble is ECCW's next blockbuster trademark show after Halloween Hell. The focus is primarily on the Hardcore championship. Through the night, there are a series of qualifier matches with the prize of a shot in the Extreme Rumble up for grabs. The Extreme Rumble is just that. A Royal Rumble with weapons & pinfalls. The night began with the qualifiers

Jamie Diaz def. Honky Tonk Kid

I showed up fashionably late once again just in time to see Diaz scissor kick Honky's head off his shoulders and record the victory. Not much to say on this one besides the fact that Diaz got a new tattoo on his chest. He advances to the Extreme Rumble later on. Check the Facebook fan page for pics of his titty tatty.

Pete Powers def. Ray Brooks

Whoever is pulling the strings at ECCW does not like Ray Brooks. He's been booked against monsters for the past 6 months and this is another one for the heap. As if poor Ray doesn't look helpless enough in his leather bodysuit with metallic pink fringe, they need to put him against a beast like Pete Powers.

This actually turned out to be my favourite match of the night.

Let that one sink in.

Let's start with the 3 reasons why it was the best fucking match ever.

1) It's Movember. Both guys came out wearing some of the knobbiest dick brooms ever. Ray Brooks looked less like Southern Comfort and looked more like Southern Magnum P.I. Pete Powers actually rocked his handlebars quite nicely... that still didn't change the fact that I couldn't take this match as seriously as it should have been taken. Due to their tragic facial hair, I found myself breaking in to fits of laughter during times when the match was actually reaching peak intensity. This isn't a beef. It just cracked me up and made the match that much more memorable for me.

2) Ray Brooks' Valet Ms. Mandy. Where as months or even weeks ago, I would cringe in pure disgust whenever this unholy duo peeked out of the curtain together... it has strangely grown on me. She took to the mic before the match and told Pete Powers he has a small weiner. I thought it was pretty funny. I think if ECCW allows people to get an actual look at her character with more time on the mic or involvement in matches outside of the standard cheerleading... it can work. When she just comes out scantily clad, parading around the ring, I don't really care for it. I'm old fashioned. I wear a cuff in my jeans and starch in my collar. As far as I'm concerned, a lady doesn't need to be showin off her mommy bags and flappin her ass for some Surrey jollies. Develop her character if you're gonna use her in shows. It's much more enjoyable!  Let her do the vulgar thing on her own time on Twitter.

3) Pete Powers is now a heel. I can remember the old Pete Powers eagerly coming out to slap hands with the fans just to receive nothing but a dull response. Now when Powers surges through the curtain to blast of boos and hisses, he could give a crap what the fans think. I remember him telling one skinny pencil necked little weasel (I was a heel in a past life) "I don't care what you think. Shut your damn mouth, I'll snap your boney ass in half". The best part was he didn't stick around for a response. Pete Powers is a piece of shit. And he's good at it. He does the role well and I hope they use him more and more in the main event scene.

Mix all these ingredients up, add in The Natural with a totally offside seduction spot on Ray Brooks and you have a very basic... but very well done & entertaining match! You had some trash talk, a female presence, some comedy, some violence and some good chemistry. Obviously Brooksy wasn't gonna win here but it was really a fun match to watch. Powers advances to the Extreme Rumble.

Sid Sylum & Nick Price fight to double DQ

Can I say it? I think I can. Should I? Ya, I'm gonna say it. Sid Sylum is a jobber.

After a return in the summer his presence in ECCW has gone from a double champion who headed the talent in Natural Selection & dethroned Scotty Mac to a man who, barring one gauntlet match, was comprehensively buried in a feud with his former stable. Now, Sid Sylum is on the receiving end of brutal shitkickings from Junior heavyweights. This is by no means a slight on Nick Price who is  really coming in to his own as of late. There was plenty of help from the outside to account for in this one but Sylum was completely dominated by Nick Price the entire match! Yes... cowardly chicken shit Nick Price stuck it to Sid Sylum in every which way with confidence and no sense of fear.

A double DQ finish ensured both Sylum's & Price's passage to the Extreme Rumble... but the writing was on the wall: Sid Sylum is no longer a big time player in ECCW. While the match itself really isn't one to remember it served as a very stern notice that Sid is no where near where he used to be, for whatever reason and it may be a long way back.

Cremator def. Danni Deeds

I rag on lots of people for having really crummy gear. Infact, I probably go overboard with it. It was a huge thing for me as a wrestling fan growing up. People had to have cool ass gear. If there is one man in ECCW that has some cool ass gear... it is most definitely the Cremator. If only for his entrance gear alone, he has some of the most detailed threads in the promotion. Complete with a full leather and steel spike emsemble, Cremator looks like Jason crossed with a jacked up Super Shredder. Killer.

Creamy took on Danni Deeds, his former minion. Deeds launched a surprise attack on Cremator by dressing up as his druid Rigor Von Slasher and attacking him during his introduction. I don't think anyone had Deeds in their wrestling pool though and rightfully so as Cremator made short work of him and then delivered a post match thrashing. C'mon Creamy. Dude wears tye-dye. Have a heart. Cremator advances to the Extreme Rumble.

On a sidenote: Cremator got in to another legendary verbal shouting match with the group of old hens stationed by the wrestler entrance. I eat those altercations up! I would honestly pay the price of admission to watch Cremator scream at those old bags for 3 hours. No wrestling. Just screaming. Seriously.

Tony Baroni def. Bishop & Artemis Spencer to retain NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title

If there are 3 guys you would probably want to see in a triple threat... it's probably these three! Artemis Spencer is a nimble, whippy wrestler. Bishop is the big brute force. Tony Baroni is a perfect mixture of both. This match was worthy of Halloween Hell, Seasons Beatings, Quest for Gold or any other blockbuster ECCW event.

The match itself, while undoubtedly entertaining seemed to lack a bit of intensity. I chalked it up to one thing. The Natural. While I am the first to praise The Natural for his crowd interaction, I felt he hindered the match with it here. Yes, I know he has a character to play. It doesn't need to be all the time though. For instance, there are times when the crowd is so dead... or maybe the match isn't going as good as expected... that's when The Natural is great. He kicks in to gear! He creates tension! He gets the fans "in it"... even if "in it" means hating his guts. This match didn't need him. The crowd hated Bishop. They loved Tony & Arty and I thought The Natural just was doing TOO much during this match instead of letting the boys tell the story in the ring. I'm not saying he had to lay off completely... but keep it to a minimum. Arty, Baroni & Bishop are 3 of my faves to watch. Just let em go at it.

Aside from that it was a stellar match. Tony gets the victory and keeps chuggin along as the champ! There were a few great spots in this one that Im sure will be making some sort of film.

Moondog Manson def. Scotty Mac, Nick Price, Cremator, Pete Powers, Sid Sylum, J-Sin Sullivan & Jamie Diaz to retain the ECCW Hardcore Championship!

Cue the Benny Hill theme. That's all that was running through my head during this match. Take 8 wrestlers, give them each a manager and hope all shit doesn't break loose. This match was far too scrambly to follow. With every ring manager/valet interfering at once, 3 different stables out there and a medley of weapons it was bound to happen this way. Moondog Manson retains his Hardcore title by outlasting all his competitors. No real storylines were spawned off of his match and after all... it was for the Hardcore belt and there is only one guy that gets down like that on a 24/7 basis and that's Moondog. I think the match may have been better if they just left the managers/valets in the back and let the actual participants fight it out. There's 8 of them. That's enough confusion. There was just too much happening at once here and the actual match suffered because of it.

Now time for my usual top & flop exclamation points to end my recap..

Flop: Too much outside interference

Between the 3-way for the NWA Canadian Title & the Extreme Rumble there was a heck of a lot of action outside the ring. While some outside interference can be unexpected and intriguing, it was kind of beat to death during this show. The Natural & all the members of The Administration were at the heart of the distraction and could have easily cut their activity in half and have been just as effective. It was a huge distraction from what were on paper really good match ups. Not a huge deal... just something I noticed.

Top: Pete Powers vs Ray Brooks

As I mentioned earlier, I really liked this match. It had a little bit of everything. Even Ms. Mandy looked the part for once. I thought it was a well done match and despite the hilarious moustaches involved... I managed to keep it together for the whole match. Im liking Powers more and more and hope he continues working more cards.

I want to give an honorable mention to the Extreme Rumble for cramming in a lot of star power. If you look at all the participants in the Extreme Rumble, they are all name brand guys. Had it not been for such a scrambly execution of the match, I think it could have been a real classic. Same goes for the 3-way title match.

My next recap will focus on ECCW's Wrestling for Hunger event in Port Coquitlam. It will look at the history of the event as well as those involved through out the years.

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