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ASW & ECCW's Sammy Hall Shoot Interview - November 10, 2011

Sammy Hall hip tosses Nicole Matthews at ECCW's "Brains. Brawn. Class"
at the RCC in Vancouver!
When one is researching talented Women wrestlers in Canada (and North America)... the starting point is not doubt here in Western Canada and namely the Pacific North West!

Here In British Columbia, we have been privilaged to see the future of Women's wrestling blossom over time. Recent WWE developmental signings Tenille Tayla & Taya Valkyrie both spent the majority of their training days in Albert under Lance Storm but have spent the better part of their Indie wrestling careers plying their trade in British Columbia with ECCW. Indie wrestling gem Nicole Matthews, while gaining most of her recognition from her contests in all women's SHIMMER wrestling in the US, has spent most of her time inside ECCW ropes. We can now chuck KC Spinelli in the same category as those gals. Spinelli has had a very successful 2011 and has boosted her reputation amongst Indie womens wrestlers.

It's very easy to get lost in these big names that are no doubt on their way to super stardom. However, there may be a new girl on the block as far as wrestling in British Columbia is concerned. Trained by territorial legends "Gourgeous" Michelle Star & Disco Fury of ASW, Sammy Hall has been making the rounds in the lower mainland as well as up north through out the latter part of 2011.

Sammy Hall is born and raised in Surrey, BC, Canada. She is the oldest of 3 siblings and has the distinction of having a mother (ASW's Raven Lake) already in professional wrestling. A lover of old school wrestling, Sammy originally wrestled under only ASW but has recently branched out and debuted in ECCW against Nicole Matthews. She has also had stints in ICW, wrestling at the Abbotsford Agrifair as the masked "Waspette". She has also done some tours up north with Thrash Wrestling.

She has clearly seen the example put forward by her peers in the territory and is following in suit. She is wrestling for as many promotions as possible in attempt to get her name out there and I'm sure it is only a matter of time before she is known around the province. Also like her peers she has left the province to train & participate in the "World of Hurt" tapings with Roddy Piper in Alberta. These tapings were huge catalysts for the likes of Tenille Tayla & Taya Valkyrie when seeking recogniton and will serve the same purpose for Sammy if she sticks with it.

I happened to be able to catch her debut match in ECCW and was pleasantly surprised as to how fundamentally good she was. Nothing over the top spectacular but considering how long shes been at the dance... she has potential! It will be interesting to see after a year's worth of training and absorbing wrestling where she will be!

Without going in to too much detail here in the article... I sat down for an interview with Sammy to discuss her future, her family, her thoughts on her fellow wrestlers, her motives for becoming a wrestler and all that other good jazz.

Link below. Sit back. Listen. Enjoy!

Sammy Hall Intervew 
If you are interested in watching Sammy wrestle she will be appearing on ASW's next two shows: ASW's Christmas Chaos on December 2nd at the Abby Arts Centre in Abbotsford & ASW's Adam Firestorm Memorial show on December 9 at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds.

She will also be in action for Big West Wrestling in Kelowna this Friday, November 11th at the Rutland Centennial Hall

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