Monday, 12 December 2011

Shoot interview w/ ECCW wrestler Tony Baroni

Tony Baroni holding multiple year-end awards. December 2010.
An abolsutely ravenous Vancouver crowd jamp packed the Russian Comunity Center back in February of this year. The event.... ECCW's TLC VI. The Match... Tony Baroni taking on ECCW Champion Bishop. After over 30 minutes of some of the most brutal carnage known to man, a young Tony Baroni hoisted a bloody leather belt over his head to the loud roar of hundreds of Indie wrestling fans. He had done it. After a month long feud with Bishop, Baroni had finally fulfilled the dream and picked up his first Heavyweight Championship in an Indie wrestling promotion.

Fast forward 10 months. Tony Baroni has taken on all comers including Bishop's partner Pete Powers and a bevvy of other ECCW talent. He has proudly defended his belt at every event since acquiring the prize and has taken on his role of Champion with no signs of slowing down. However, in wrestling sometimes things change. Tony Baroni recently dropped his NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title to fellow performer & real life friend Artemis Spencer. It came as a shock to some who were just getting used to Baroni as Champion. Where as for some, the change maybe couldn't have come quick enough. Either way, one can't deny that Baroni undeniably deserved his lengthy run as champ & that he filled the role quite nicely, especially being his first real singles reign of any sort.

I had the privilage of conducting a shoot interview with Mr Baroni this past week to talk about the ins and outs of his title reign. Among the topics covered in this interview are Tony's thoughts on his reign, how he was booked as champion, his feud with Pete Powers, his relationship with Artemis Spencer outside the ring, his future in ECCW & other promotions and much more! Click the link below to access the interview.

Shoot Interview with Tony Baroni

I am eager to see where Arty will take the big boy division from here on out. I think it is the right move. Arty will give you a great match every night... now they've put him in the position to have the best match of the night as the main event. Where as before he may have been written off as nothing more than a guy to get the crowd hot to start the show... this will truly test what he can do in a main event slot. Personally, I will miss Baroni as the champion. I feel ECCW creative could have perhaps given him one last good "face vs heel" feud before having him put over Arty in their "Face vs face, wrestler vs wrestler" program. I preferred the work of Baroni when he was entangled in feuds with jerks like Bishop & Pete Powers. He seemed to get the best out of those guys and vice-versa. When he was kinda just bopping around and defending against randoms in the midcard... it didn't do much for his image as champ.

Sid Sylum's reign previous was much the same. Sid spent a lot of his matches as champ just fighting random talent in the mid-card with no underlying storylines. When they did finally give Sid a story line (albeit a very brief one with Ravenous that ended up leading to the Sylum Screwjob and subsequent formation of The Administration) it made Sid more interesting and made the belt more relevant. When SMAC was last champion... he was booked in a 6 month feud against El Phantasmo with the two sharing several high profile main event matches. Smac's entire focus was on that saga and not on random midcard throwaways every second show. The feud was fantastic and sure enough... made Smac look like a heck of a champ and made the belt look almost unachievable and therefore, much more valuable. Pretty much what Im saying is...the NWA Canadian Heavyweight title scene should always have a storyline behind it... it can do wonders for all involved to have a good intense program. I feel Baroni's reign maybe could have been a smidge more memorable if they had given him one more quasi-feud.

I hope Arty & Baroni continue their program as the lack of actual heat between the two is easily made up by pure wrestling chemistry that will leave even seasoned vets awstruck. Eventually, Arty will need to become involved in a good blood feud and I hope it comes sooner than later so we can really see what Arty is made of with his name now on ECCW's main event marquee.

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