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10 Questions with NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champion Artemis Spencer

I find so many wrestling shoot interviews sound the same these days. They really tend to limit the content in the interview and block off the true character behind the mic. While most listening to shoot interviews are in it for little wrestling tid bits and nothing more... I wanted to do an interview a little bit different and really delve in to the men behind the characters.

I decided to start with recently crowned NWA Canadian Champion Artemis Spencer. For those who don't know of Spencer's work, you should be ashamed of yourself. Spencer is, in my humble opinion, the best worker in ECCW. Underline worker. Spencer gets very little time on the mic and to be honest it's not hard to see why. He still seems to be getting his legs when it comes to cutting promos... and that is completely fine. Spencer makes up for his lack of wit on the mic with some of the finest wrestling you'll pay to see.

I pride myself on being able to open up my subjects and get something out of them that normally other reporters can't. I've interviewed Artemis Spencer before and by no means was it a stand out interview but this time I had a different approach. I had a plan. I sat in my bed and came up with 10 really random questions in 2 minutes. Some are about wrestling... some are completely random.

When I met Artemis Spencer  to conduct our interview outside the Bridgeview Hall during ECCW's Clash of Titans event last night... I could tell my plan had worked. Almost instantly. I can honestly say no interview I've ever done has had such a fun, conversational, care free atmosphere. My mixture of random questions with very loosely tied wrestling questions allowed for Spencer to be himself a bit more and eliminated the stuffy atmosphere that usually comes with shoot interviews.

Take a look below at our interview. I have also posted the audio from it below with is really worth a listen. I ask him a few standard shoot questions after I run my "10 questions segment" that aren't below.

10 Questions with Artemis Spencer

Where did the name "Artemis Spencer" come from?

Well to be honest with you, I wanted a name that was different from everyone elses so I wanted to go the dorky route. So Spencer and then Artemis just because I  thought it sounded cool. I just thought it sounded really cool. Different, ya know?

Arty is a cheater.
You fancy yourself a man of fitness but what is your fast food guilty pleasure?

When I do cheat I always get a double quarter pounder with no onions but I add bacon. I always get gut rot shortly after. If I'm gonna cheat I'm gonna go for that one. I need the bacon! Lately I've been cheating a lot more. Ive been doing a lot of training and I can't make food the way I want to. I cheat once every couple of weeks, I guess. I really don't want to talk about it!

What is the last cd or album you listened to, cover to cover?

CDs? Oh my goodness. Who listens to CDs anymore? My CD player in my car is broken and it won't eject. The one that is in there, which nobody will know is David Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7. It's a ska band no one has probably heard of. I think it's self titled.

"I just lost my mind!"
This is completely random but it may determine our friendship. What is your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie and why?

It's gotta be Predator, but why? I don't know, man. [watching] When I was a kid and he got all covered in mud and it actually worked! I just lost my mind. Then he got wet and it didn't work! I dont know!

When was the last time you were in a real fight?

OK. I've never been in a real fight but I've been training for years and years and years. If anybody wants to try, let's do it because I need to get this f***in' notch on my belt. I've never been in a fight but let's do it. Ever seen Fight Club? You gotta watch Fight Club. When they say "You've never been in a fight?!" Well, Im like "God, Ive never been in a fight either!"

I'm more of a Mike guy.
 Which of the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do you think you resemble most? Leo the leader, Don the smart one, Raph the bad-ass or Mike the comedian?

Oh, Donatello! I'm definitely Don but not because he's smart just because he has the biggest stick and he's the easiest in video games.

Out of the whole ECCW lockerroom, who is the smelliest wrestler?

The smelliest? On the current roster right now? That's Moondog Manson. No questions there.

Off the mic, out of the ring, out of character... who is the funniest wrestler?

It's gotta be the Honky Tonk Kid (Divine Prophet). Nobody makes me laugh harder than that kid.

I've got one more here. Who is the biggest party animal in the locker room?

I'm gonna say Pete Powers. I can't keep up with that guy. He can't even keep up with himself man.

The Gotchman
If you could wrestle one person dead or alive who would it be? Why?

Karl Gotch, for sure. Because he would just murder me and I would love every second of it.

The audio version of the interview can be heard here. If you listen closely, you can hear me tell off an on-looking Bishop.

While I don't think I changed the world with this interview, it definitely did help to loosen up the atmosphere and give the reader a little bit more. For fans who only know Arty for his crazy wrestling and his intensity... this interview shows a very personable, funny side of him. You actually feel like you're just sitting down for a malt (Love em) and a quick conversation with the champ himself. Who knew Arty liked Predator? Who knew he'd never been in a fight? Who knew he listens to ska? Those are all facts you probably wouldn't get out of a normal shoot interview. I think this interview helped get in to Arty's head to see that he's really just a fun loving normal dude like you and I.

I will also be blogging about last night's ECCW show: Clash of Titans this weekend. Stay posted for that.

Next week, I will be continuing my "10 Random Questions" segment with none other than my old buddy, Azeem the Dream.

You can catch Artemis Spencer in action at ECCW's next event: Vendetta. It is set for February 4th at the Russian Community Centre in Vancouver. Spencer defends his NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship against The Cremator.

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