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10 Questions with ECCW Vancouver Island Champion Azeem the Dream!

ECCW Van. Island Champion Azeem the Dream

I recently filmed the first installment of mybackstage interview segment “The Inside Look” with none other than my former foe Azeem the Dream.  Since late 2010, Azeem and I have had sort of a quasi-beef due to my opinions on Turnbuckle Time. While it never exploded in to full on hatred or anything, that uneasy feeling was always present when both parties were close by.
However, I received a text message a few weeks back that seemed to change all of that in one instance. Of course, the message was from Azeem but it wasn’t the usual verbal bashing I had become so accustomed to. Azeem was reaching out to me. For those who don’t know, after years of loyal service (and poor treatment) Azeem severed ties with his former group The Natural Selection. Since then, Azeem has aligned himself with former Selection member gone rogue Sid Sylum to take down his old crew. Azeem messaged me and made it fairly clear he needed to get some things off his chest and wanted nothing but the truth reveleaed to all. At first I was perplexed as to why he asked me of all people to open up to, but it all made sense. He wanted to prove all the doubters and haters wrong. He wanted to pull no punches. What better way to start than with the man who has been skeptical of his antics from the start?
Azeem seemed to be a changed man as he broke down the ins and outs of his tattered relationship with The Natural. He spoke about being replaced promptly by Ethan HD. He spoke about the fans and why they should take a chance on him. He spoke of his new goals. Heck, he even apologized to me for being such a toolbox. We parted ways with a handshake and with me having a better idea of who Azeem really is.
I decided to build off Azeem’s turn and asked him if he was available to participate in my new “10 Questions” interview format. Azeem, or as I will now call him “New Azeem” agreed instantly. My last “10Questions” interview with Artemis Spencer was very interesting and gave me alot og insight in to the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Champ’s mind. Hopefully, it can do the same for the ECCW Vancouver Island Champ. While Azeem has changed considerably… he showed some of the old Azeem as he was still very candid in our interview on a few subjects. I see this as nothing more than passion for a business he loves but I know some will immediately want to jump down his throat for it. Either way… here it is: 10 Questions with Azeem the Dream!

If you had a Flux Capacitor and could go back in time and change one event, what would you change?
I would go back to 1999 and help prevent the death of the great wrestler Owen Hart.
Rihanna or Beyonce? Why?
Beyonce. Rihanna is annoying. Beyonce is a little dirty girl I think.
Outside of necessities (food, water, clothes) what was the last thing you bought?
Yep. Seems about right.
Batteries. For my garage door opener.
Friday night movies or Saturday morning cartoons?
Hands down, [Saturday Morning] Cartoons. Beavis & Butthead.
Your name is Azeem the Dream. What is the last dream/nightmare you had that you can remember?
It was actually last night. It was a dream that I actually made it to the big time in professional wrestling. Life was good then! I was beating the **** out of John Cena. God, I hate that ****.
What were your favourite and least favourite subjects back in school?
My least favourite subject in school was math because it was tough. I wasnt very good at it. I barely pulled off a B in Math 12. Thank god that is over. My favourite one was actually history. Learning about our past World leaders, Canadian leaders, Canadian history and also black history. My favourite historical figure is Martin Luther King. The man single handedly changed the way all coloured people are treated and viewed in the world today.
If you were stranded on a desert island and you could bring one ECCW wrestler and one item, what would they be and why?
I kind of want to hit him with a 2x4 too!
It would probably be Red Money and I'd probably bring a 2x4. I would continuously beat him on that island until I could knock some sort of sense in to him.
Who is the worst driver in the ECCW locker room? Who isn’t allowed to drive on road trips?
I Dont know.  Its usually me driving and people are cool with me driving. [One Time] we just had a bad person in the car with us and it was a really, really long ass drive. It was really bad that Prince George trip. Aurora was in the car with us. It was me, Phantasmo, Veronika, Scotty & Aurora. She just kinda made the car trip that much more difficult. It was yuck.
What is the worst match you have ever wrestled?
 It was at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds not too long ago. It was ****in horrible. The guys completely went off of what we discussed for the match. The Natural's splash was made to look irrelevant. The referee ****ed me at the end. When we got to the back I was like what the **** was that?  If you don't know what we're doing, just say something to me and we can change it.
If you were a booker and had every wrestler (dead or alive) at your disposal, which 1-on-1 match would you book?
I would probably book Andre the Giant vs Beautiful Bruce. Mainly because Bruce is annoying and I think if Andre worked him, it would completely put him out of the business. Go away, Bruce. Go to rehab and fix yourself up. If Andre was here, he'd sit on him and get him out of here.
What is your favourite wrestling PPV of all time?
Honestly, I'd still have to say it would be Wrestlemania 3. There was a great couple of classic matches in there with Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat. There was Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant. The hype they did for that. 80, 000 and 90,000  people waiting to see Hogan vs The Giant. It was great. The match Savage and Steamboat put on is still being talked about today, Even by current WWE guys. That still sticks out in my mind today.

There it is! 10 questions with Azeem the Dream! While it’s obvious he still has some of the edge that Old Azeem used to exhibit, it’s clear that Azeem (much like Arty) is nothing more than a fun loving guy who loves the business and being involved in it.
Azeem continues his battle with his former stable, The Natural Selection at ECCW’s next show “2012 Pacific Cup – Day 1” as he takes on Bishop. Follow Azeem on Twitter at @azeemtd.
I will be covering the entire 2-day 2012 PacificCup event. Event recaps will be posted after the Cup has wrapped up.
I will be also recording another “Inside Look” segment before the end of the month. So stay tuned for that.
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