Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Vancouver International Tequila Expo - Eric Lorenz of the Organizing Committee

I had a chance to attend the media gathering for the first Vancouver International Tequila Expo today at The Edge on Granville street. 

My blog is usually devoted to covering the Pacific West professional wrestling scene as well as other local sports around the Vancouver area. I've decided to branch out and have begun writing about the many food & drink events I attend.

I'll start my article by saying that I am NOT  Tequila man. Not to say I haven't ingested an ample amount of it in my young life but I'm hardly an expert. For most of us, Tequila is an instant party mixture that is used to crank festivities up that extra notch. However,  it was clear once I entered that this wasn't going to be the typical tequila gong show.

I sat down with Eric Lorenz of the Organizing Committee to find out a little bit about the event. This event is the brain child of Eric and a handful of other organizers who take their Tequila & its culture very seriously. In this 11 minute interview, Eric and I get in to his inspiration for creating this event, some Tequila brands to look out for and a boatload of hidden Tequila secrets that the random bar goer probably doesn't know!

To listen to our interview, please click the link below!

Corey Basso sits down with Eric Lorenz of the Vancouver International Tequila Expo

I think it was almost better than I came in to this interview as a complete Tequila novice. When I left, I had so many juicy Tequila tidbits rolling around in my head, it was impossible to remember them all. If only frequent Tequila drinkers knew exactly what true Tequila experts did, I'm sure they'd change their brands and styles of Tequila. I will never view Tequila as just a "party drink" again. It can definitely fit in to any sophisticated environment and can be paired with many foods. Eric & his crew of Tequila devotees definitely changed my mind on the magic gold liquid and from now on I will be singing it's praise!

The Vancouver International Tequila Expo takes place on May 12, 2012.

For more information visit VancouverTequilaExpo.com or follow them on Twitter at @TequilaExpo

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