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Legends of ECCW's Halloween Hell - Jeff "The Natural" Duncan

He's loud. He's annoying. He's mean. He's one of the best heels in ECCW... he also happens to be one of the men responsible for the stellar card on this year's blockbuster event Halloween Hell.

Jeff 'The Natural' Duncan is not only an exceptional managerial talent but  he's also in his 5th year of booking for ECCW. "Natch" sits down with me in my second edition of my Halloween Hell legends series to discuss the ins and outs of assembling one of the biggest wrestling shows in the Pacific Northwest.

We get in to his all time favourite Hell matches, what he's looking forward to at this year's event plus much more.

As a booker... how hard is it to keep topping yourself in booking creative matches for this show?

I start thinking of Halloween Hell, at the latest, 8 months before it happens. I am very critical of the show from a structure stand point and try to keep the things that work and improve on the ones that didn't. If you notice, every year there is something different. I would absolutely hate if a Hell show was stagnant or repetitive.

What is your favourite Hell match that YOU had a hand in booking?

This will be my fifth year, so there is a lot to choose from. I will always pick a great feud with an amazing story and a fantastic finish. So I am going to say Dog Collar Chain last year between Bishop and Sid Sylum.

I have to ask... what is your favourite fan-brought weapon of all time?

It is not usually the weapon that makes it memorable, but how it is used. A simple keyboard was brought in 2002, but it was very memorable because Cremator smashed it over Jimbo Richard's head and every key came out. But my all time favourite is a Nintendo that Juggernaut destroyed over Brian Sommers head in 2005. That Fans Bring the Weapons match wasn't actually at Hell (It was in June) but I doubt the sound it made on Sommers head will ever be topped.

What match will shock fans the most this year?

I think Halloween Hell has so much anticipation these days that the marque matches wouldn't shock anyone. But some moves may, but everyone expect so much. I expect the Ranarchist Fun House Match to be so unique that the fans will absolutely love it. But don't be surprised if El Phantasmo vs King of the Yukon becomes a Halloween Hell classic.

What match are you most looking forward to this year?

That is a tie between Bishop vs Randy in a Chamber of Extreme Ranarchist Fun House match and Sid vs Sullivan in a Three Stages of Hell match. All four men have told tremendous stories over the past 5 to 8 months, I truly think the fans don't know who will win and will be emotionally invested in the matches. Combine that with those four men being among the best in ECCW, you really cant go wrong.

Lots of high profile talent have made their names at shows like Hell. Names like Juggernaut, Kyle O'Reilly & Tenille Tayla. Why is Hell such a good springboard for young wrestlers?

Not to sound arrogant, but ECCW in general is like that. You forgot on that list Mike Dalton, Tyson Kid, DH Smith, Nicole Matthews, The Bollywood Boyz, Angelina Love, Kharma etc... There is a reason ECCW has been running strong for 16 and a half years. We are the absolute best in the Pacific Northwest.

Will 'The Natural' be taking a bump/getting involved this year? It seems like if there is ever a place and time for such an event... it's probably Hell.

I got Powerbombed through a table back in March, so I hope I'm done for the year!! I'm just a poor little manager. But its Hell, You never know...

Why the absence of the costume battle royal this year?

Halloween Hell is our WrestleMania. It's the best of the best. If we don't have a way to make it amazing, we won't do it. Maybe it comes back next year, we shall see. I'm never one for doing it just because it has been done before.

What are your thoughts on the new venue in New Westminster and how will it change the event?

It will give us a more intimate vibe, that is for sure. Halloween Hell in Bridgeview was always special, but I am excited for the new building and the new experience.

When getting feedback from fans... what do they say is their favourite part of Halloween Hell?

Most fans will say the Fans Bring the Weapons experience. It really gives them a voice in our biggest show, they feel like they helped make the show the spectacle it is. I really cant argue with that mindset and am happy to give them that. It is the least we can do.

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