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Legends of ECCW's Halloween Hell - "Ravenous" Randy Myers

Once again, it's that time of the year. ECCW's blockbuster event Halloween Hell is upon us. The event is known for it's gimmick/stipulation matches, wrestlers & fans in costume as well as its violence.

I will be sitting down with a different wrestler everyday this week to preview the epic local event.

Monday's guest is none other than "Ravenous" Randy Myers who is no stranger to Halloween Hell and all of it's glorious carnage.

I sit down with Randy to get his thoughts on the history of the event, changes that have been made as well as some of his favourite moments!

As a wrestler (or a fan,for that matter) what is YOUR favourite part of Halloween Hell?

The atmosphere, definitely. It's the one time in the year you get the big show feel from fans and wrestlers. Everyone [wrestlers] gets new spandex and crispy new tans. It's fun to see what weapons and costumes  fans bring to the show. The wrestlers up their A-game, the fans up their A-game... that's the best part. 

How hard is it to try to top yourselves every single year at Halloween Hell?

It's the same thing for every show. We always try to top ourselves and do better than the last show. We don't have a problem with that. Our guys are so creative and we have a front office that gives us the opportunity and allows us to be creative. I trust all of our guys. We always dig deeper every year and find parts of our hollow leg that we weren't able to scoop out before.

What is your favourite all-time match at Halloween Hell over the years?

I'd say the costume battle royal. We won't have it this year but its always fun to see. You won't see that in any other promotion in the world. It's a chance to get away from the serious side of wrestling and get in to the fun side, which of course I love.

What is your favourite all-time Hell match that YOU have participated in?

The year I teamed up with Juggernaut inside the steel cage was probably my funnest match. I believe it was the War Games from 2010. It was a lot of fun.

How can you and Bishop top your hair vs hair match at the last event?  What kind of match do you guys have planned?

It's a match out of my own sick unique mind. It's a Ranarchist Fun House match. We will have the chamber of extreme surrounding the ring. We will have four pinatas, two with tricks and two with treats!

You guys are hosting Hell at a new venue this year. For years, the home of Hell was the Bridgeview Hall in Surrey. This year you guys move to a smaller venue in the Sapperton Pensioners Hall in New West. How do you think that will change the show, if at all? Do you expect less people?

After the show we had last weekend [in New West], I don't think there's any fan that doesn't want to see what's going down at the Sapperton Hall. Halloween Hell usually brings 'em out of the woodwork. People have been crawling out from under rocks for years and years to see Hell. I don't think this year will be any different.

One of the staples of Halloween Hell is the "Fans Bring The Weapons Match". I'm sure you've seen a few doozies... but what is your favourite weapon that has been brought?

There's been so many great ones. I like the vintage gaming consoles. Super nintendo and Playstations. The more creative the better! We've had some ridiculous weapons and some really scary ones. We had something called an "orphan maker" one year which was basically two circular steel blades attached to one end of a stick with the other end hammered with nails sticking out of the end. There was no safe way of even handling the weapon. One of my favourite stories comes from a fans bring the weapons match in Calgary. Booker T happened to be on the show. I looked through the weapons and saw a toy sword. So I turned and saw King Booker, brought the sword over to Booker and said " Can you knight me?" and he said "Of course I can! I knighted William Regal!" I said "Well, do me the honor!"... I got down on one knee and he knighted me as Sir Ravenous Randy! I figure if I can get Jerry "The King" Lawler to knight me... I'm right up there with the Queen!

Ravenous Randy will be in action against Bishop in a Ranarchist Fun House Match/ Chamber of Extreme.

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